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We are recruiting talents to exciting jobs in land-based fish farming in Tromsø

SIFT Group AS is building a land-based fish farm for salmon. The facility uses new solutions where the fish are reared in vertical raceways-based RAS technology. The farming technology is being tested and fine-tuned in a separate pilot plant that was constructed in 2020. We are now planning to build a full-scale fish farm with vertical stacks of raceways placed in eight levels with an annual salmon harvest capacity of about 1,000 tons. Subsequently this facility will be expanded to 10,000 tons

We are now in the process of hiring employees who will work with us to build our SIFT facility. We are interviewing employees at several levels with different expertise in management, technical understanding, and biology. The positions are full-time, but also applicants who want part-time positions or summer jobs are encouraged to apply. The following positions are presently available for applicants.



  • with total responsibility for financial development, purchasing and customers, operation and contact with research and authorities.
  • Desirable with experience and knowledge in business management, financial management, possibly land-based farming and sustainable and social adaptation.


  • with responsibility for development and technical operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities. Contribute to testing of equipment and continuous improvement of the facility.
  • Desirable with knowledge of aquaculture technology, water purification and experience with the development of major technical entity prices.


Farm technician

  • Responsibility for daily supervision and care of the salmon and operation of the facility.
  • Desirable with practical knowledge of salmon farming.

Desired qualifications

  • Relevant experience and education.
  • Handle challenges professionally as they arrive.
  • Committed, independent, flexible and solution oriented.
  • Technical insight and practical skills.


We offer:

  • Partner of an innovative company
  • Necessary training through participation in the activity at the Pilot Facility, and the opportunity to learn a lot about this new land-based farming technology.
  • Challenging and exciting tasks with testing and further development of new future-oriented farming technology.
  • Pleasant colleagues and a good working environment.
  • Professional network closely linked to the research and education environment in Tromsø.
  • Competitive conditions with opportunities for co-ownership.

Application with CV sent to SIFT Group AS, email  

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