About SIFT

The SIFT solution increases farming efficiency by

  • The design of self-cleaning shallow raceways results in natural CO2 degassing, reducing other energy-demanding degassing.
  • Building up to eight levels that reduce the land footprint.
  • Increasing the fish density to 200 kg/m3 water, the double deep-round-tank farming.
  • Optimizing water refreshing with SIFT’s RAS unit per raceway level by 99% reuse, limiting the risk of infection spread if it ever occurs, and reducing the energy consumption by 50% compared to farming in deep-round tanks by minimizing water lifting between levels and low need for heating cold incoming water.
  • Automated removal of fish feces, carbon dioxide, and other growth-inhibiting metabolites from the water before reuse/recirculation. Using software for guidance and control of the entire farming process.
  • Using a RAS system for salmon that runs on 100% salt water reduces the need for make-up water by 80% compared to farms with traditional deep round tanks without anaerobic biofilters dependent on brackish water. This reduces energy use for pumping water into the farm and stabilizes the optimal growth temperature.
  • Combining aerobic bioreactors converting ammonia to nitrate (NO3) and anaerobic bioreactors converting the poisoning by-product nitrite (NO2) to Nitrogen gas and water reduces the need for diluting make-up water by using ozone for strict hydrogen sulfide poisoning risk control and UV on the intake water.
  • Feeding with floating feed pellets dramatically decreases the feed spill. The feed conversion factor (FCR) is reduced to 0.7 in our raceways from 1.3 in open sea cages and 1.0 in deep round tanks on land. This lower level of feed use reduces the TAN load to be removed in the biofilters and, by this, the CO2 emission and feed costs.
  • Optimization injection of oxygen into the water with Nanobubbles without leakages into the air.
  • Controlling the optimum water speed in a uniform laminar stream in the raceway of about 0.7 fish lengths per second for salmon, optimal for fish growth and welfare.

CAPEX for farming salmon in a SIFT system is estimated to be similar to ocean net pens.

The company is now planning a full-scale commercial demonstration farm with an annual capacity to harvest some 1,000 tons on our available land at the Limonbukt site.  Subsequently, a production expansion to 35.000 tons a year on a 14-hectare site in Grøtsund, 20 km from Tromsø city. The company has received a Norwegian pilot license to produce 20 tons per year, which will be updated step-by-step to a 35,000 tons full-scale facility.


The main products are:


  • 1-5 kg live-weight salmon from our SIFT facility from 2024-25.

SIFT Solution AS

  • Complete SIFT solutions and engineering services for all kinds of pelagic swimming and bottom-dwelling fish.
  • Vertical shallow velodrome-shaped raceways and RAS systems
  • Raceways rigged in special racks – vertically stacked up to 8 raceway levels.
  • Systems for controlled water flow, optimal growth conditions, and fish welfare. 
  • Systems for controlling high fishing densities up to 100-300 kg/m3.
  • Nano-bubble oxygen injectors.
  • At each raceway level, water purification systems (RAS-1 + RAS-2), >99% water reuse. 
  • System for improved CO2 degassing and feeding with floating feed.