Investors and partners

SIFT Group AS is building a land-based fish-farm for salmon. The facility uses new solutions where the fish are reared in vertical raceways with extensive water conservation and purification in RAS. The farming technology is being tested and fine-tuned in a separate pilot plant that has been built up since 2020. We are now planning to build a full-scale fish farm with vertical raceways in eight levels with an annual production capacity of about 1,000 tons of salmon. This facility will then be expanded to 30,000 tons.

The Super-Intensive Farming Technology (SIFT) concept has for many years been thoroughly tested through both research and industrial aquaculture of sole and turbot and is now under final development in a pilot farm for salmon in Tromsø.

SIFT – Key competitive advantages:

  1. Fish densities in the vertical raceways up to 200-300 kg/m3 with improved animal welfare – with 2-3 times higher fish density than in traditional circular farming tanks.
  2. Economical brake-even at densities of 100 kg/m3 – as observed in circular tanks.
  3. Investment costs estimated to 100-120 NOK/kg annual farming capacity.
  4. Production cost per kg fish similarly to salmon farming in sea-cages.
  5. Low energy consumption – due to minimized water lifting in relation to the applied RAS technology.

Invitation to investors and partners to participate in a share issue for 30 MNOK

Use of proceeds

  • Investment in a commercial Demonstration farming module with a capacity of 1,000 tons of market-sized salmon per year.
  • Additional funding will be sought by Innovation Norway,  EksFin and own bank.


  • Profitability is expected to be about the same as farming in sea cages but without pollution of the marine environment with faecal discharges, spread of salmon lice and salmon escapes.

Exit strategies

  • When the pilot facility is completed and the commercial potential documented, the company intends to list its shares at Oslo Stock Exchange (Euronext Growth) to finance a full-scale farming facility with a capacity of about 30,000 tons of salmon production per year – separated in 30 farming modules.

Contact us for more information, business plan and term sheet., phone +4790740832