Our Land-Based Fish Farm Solution


Fish is farmed in animal-friendly vertical raceways environment – allowing for higher fish densities compared to other land-based fish farms.

Temperature and oxygen levels are optimized. The water is continuously cleaned of waste particles, toxic gases and metabolites.

The vertical raceways are stacked at up to 10 independent levels. OpEx costs for farming salmon in a SIFT system are estimated to being similar to ocean net pens.

The Norway-based SIFT Group AS has developed an innovative concept for land-based fish farming of Atlantic salmon based on Super-Intensive Farming Technology (SIFT).

The company is now planning a full-scale commercial demonstration farm with an annual capacity to harvest some 1,000 tons. Subsequently a production expansion to 10,000 tons a year will take place on our available plot of land being three hectares outside Tromsø. The company has received a Norwegian pilot license for production of 20 tons per year, which will be updated step-by-step to a 10,000 tons full-scale facility.

Main products are:


  • 1-5 kg live salmon from our own SIFT facility from 2022-23.


  • Complete SIFT solutions and engineering services.
  • Vertical shallow velodrome-shaped raceways.
  • Raceways rigged in special-steel rack – vertically stacked up to 8 raceway levels.
  • Systems for controlled water flow, optimal growth conditions and fish welfare. 
  • Systems for controlling high fishing densities up to 100-300 kg/m3.
  • Nano-bubble oxygen injectors.
  • Water purification systems (RAS-1 + RAS-2) at each raceway level, >95% water reuse. 
  • System for improved CO2 degassing and feeding with floating feed. 

Our team



PhD and Master in fishery Science and food technologis t. 40 years of experience from fisheries research, fisheries management and marketoriented innovation projects . Professor in marketing and market-oriented innovation. Previous at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science

øyvind Jørgensen

Farming Director

Master in fishery Science with more than 20 years of experience from land -based farming of severa l fish species .

Victor Øyestad

Scientific Director

Dr. philos in fishbiology. 40 years of experience from fisheries research at the Institute o f Marine Researc h (1974 -1990) and as professor of aquaculture a t the Norwegia n College of Fishery Science and 2001 -2017 as senior researcher at Akvaplan-Niva

Dinas Kavaliauskas

Technology advicer

Civil engineer with 30 years of experience through his engineering company Plieno Spektras (Klaipeda, Lithuania), which provides factory design, automation, installation and service services to the seafood industry on both onshore and factory ships worldwide

Adri Bout

Farming Advicer

Europe’s most experienced fish farmer with Super -intensive farming technology SIFT. He has over 10 years successful built up He and his team will assist SIFT Group in all stages of detailed planning and start -up of the Pilot project